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Less is More. So. Much. More. 1

I’ve been utterly spoiled when it comes to Massage. After a brief dalliance with classic Swedish Massage, I got injured, found NO HANDS and never looked back. Which means I’ve also received hundreds, if not thousands, of exquisite NO HANDS treatments, both on courses and as a client. That said, I remain curious as to […]

The Circle of Support

It’s impossible to truly support someone who doesn’t want your help. And it’s impossible to be truly supported without first letting yourself fall into that support. That’s the funny thing about support. I know I love to support others – the privilege I feel that someone does trust me enough to “fall into” that support. That falling […]


And so, almost twelve hours since “arriving”, as flesh met earth I truly arrived. I landed. The feeling that had started as the Bay opened up ahead of me as I drove down this morning. The feeling that was so many emotions even thinking about listing them felt like it could never do the feeling as […]

Morecambe beach

Massage – A Definition

Massage means different things to different people: Different approaches: sports, relaxation, NO HANDS… Different impacts: pain, pleasure, and a lot in between. Different intentions: to “fix”, to be the “expert”, to deliver safe Touch for the client to use as they wish and do their own healing. So I got to thinking: what *is* my […]

Peace and Touch 1

When I was 13 I was hit by a wave of overwhelm – at the hurt and pain and “brokenness” of the world. The war, the famine, the greed, and the poverty. I was on a school trip at the time and I remember several nights crying myself to sleep. I’ll never forget the room […]

Let the Winter Solstice…

…be my New Year. For many years I’ve wanted to mark the Winter Solstice. And for many years it’s passed me by in a whirl of pre-Christmas activity. Not so this year. As it turns out, I was able to be by a burning bonfire at the actual time of this year’s Solstice and now […]

Why I love Morecambe

When people ask me what it is I like about Morecambe my usual response is “I just fell in love with it!” before recounting my very first visit to Morecambe – the time when, completely unexpectedly on the connecting train from Lancaster, I found myself getting an overwhelming sense of going home. A feeling I’d […]

The cost of a car

Well, specifically, the cost of my car. Not the ecological cost, or the social cost, or even the purchase price – but the ongoing cost of running a car.   I’ve been able to drive since I was 17 and have always valued the skill but it was only 3 years ago that I decided […]

Vegan Cake Recipes

Having looked for this earlier today and failed to find it, thought I’d repost so I could track it down (and add to it!) more easily…(originally posted October 2013) A friend asked today if I had any good cake recipes – and the answer was… “Yes! But I’m not quite sure where…” So the idea […]