February 2019 in photos

February was a “being outside and getting things done” month – mainly with the added energy and motivation of various friends and visitors. The month started with a tree planting afternoon with some neighbours (over the winter we rotate going to each others’ homesteads and getting stuck in with chunks of work) and ended with us hosting two brilliant WWOOFers, Harriet and Emilie, who got loads done for us.

Daffodil season has definitely started and although the snowdrops have gone over with the unseasonably warm weather we had at the end of the month there are still plenty of crocuses emerging (along with the inevitable tidal wave of daffodils) and plenty more waking up from its winter rest…



Definitely time to get planted out – this little yew tree was getting a bit pot bound (although sadly has lost some of its “height” to the (this year at least) inevitable deer grazing that happened



I know Chris likes yew trees, but not entirely sure what the sentiment here was!



The yews got their own individual enclosures (three stobs, light stock fencing and black plastic round the base….

WP_20190209_14_36_32_Pro - Edited

And we also planted up three “squares” with oak saplings. These had actually been purchased last year but never quite made it into their final positions. It’s in an area where there are some trees nearing the end of their lives and we’re hopeful the oaks will end up being their replacements – just perhaps not in our lifetimes! WP_20190209_15_00_16_Pro

Not the house per se, but one afternoon we went off for an adventure and found both an amazing old viaduct (and with the sunshine / shadows some rather artistic visual assemblages – it being the “Big Water of Fleet viaduct, no less) and some fascinating art in the landscape.

WP_20190210_11_24_45_Pro WP_20190210_11_24_56_Pro WP_20190210_11_25_01_Pro

Our WWOOFers, Emilie and Harriet, were great. Both very upbeat, engaging, thoughtful and full of energy, they got loads done (wood carried, brambles dug up, Japanese wineberry plants dug in, fencing put up around our blueberry bushes and raspberry canes (hopefully to deter aforementioned deer), finishing off the prep and painting work of the hallway woodwork and LOTS of super tasty meals and washing up. A delight to host them.


IMG_20190221_140219237_HDR IMG_20190223_113725431_HDR

And finally, an assortment of “around the land” shots. This month’s challenge is to find the cherry plum blossom (it’s there, but the photos didn’t quite bring it out in the way I’d hoped for).

WP_20190303_09_38_28_Pro WP_20190303_09_37_50_Pro WP_20190303_09_38_15_Pro
WP_20190303_09_37_02_Pro WP_20190303_09_37_23_Pro WP_20190303_09_37_30_Pro WP_20190218_16_37_49_Pro WP_20190219_15_04_00_Pro WP_20190219_15_04_05_Pro

Harriet and Emilie surveying the “brash-against-fence-to-deter-deer” set up they’d just been involved in implementing. So far this bit seems to be working. This is one of the main places the deer came on to our land and as a deterrent for this pathway it’s doing the job – every little helps, so they say.
WP_20190218_15_23_07_Pro WP_20190218_16_37_26_Pro WP_20190215_13_00_48_Pro WP_20190209_11_09_34_Pro WP_20190209_11_09_54_Pro WP_20190209_11_10_02_Pro WP_20190209_11_10_14_Pro WP_20190209_11_08_42_Pro WP_20190209_11_08_50_Pro WP_20190208_14_31_58_Pro WP_20190208_14_32_12_Pro

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