Borgue Church in photos

Once upon a time, in a world when the Covid-19 pandemic hadn’t yet reached its height, I almost bought Borgue Church. As it happens, Covid saved me from said purchase. (Please understand, I’ve loved the idea of owning a church since I was a young ‘un. However, having got this close to buying one, I […]

August 2021 in photos

Much more a return to the traditional “lots of shots of the land from various angles – which I may or may not give context to!” post this month, with some Morecambe flavour as an added bonus. There was some utterly gorgeous late-summer light this month, too.

May 2021 in photos

In May I made it back up to Galloway for the first time in 5 months – just for a brief visit but it was the start of the move back. Mainly: more Morecambe!

April 2021 in photos

Sometimes I think I should apologise for including so many sunsets / seascapes. Then I decide not to: because I love them and I think they’re gorgeous. Plus, they lift my soul. So, now that’s out the way: April! Still some lockdown, but starting to ease