Borgue Church in photos

Once upon a time, in a world when the Covid-19 pandemic hadn’t yet reached its height, I almost bought Borgue Church. As it happens, Covid saved me from said purchase.

(Please understand, I’ve loved the idea of owning a church since I was a young ‘un. However, having got this close to buying one, I now know that buying a church is much like a boat: it’s seems like a brilliant idea at the time but is a constant money pit!)

However, I still utterly love Borgue Church and wanted to share the photos I took back in January 2020 when I went for a pre-final-decision-to-buy (that-I-then-changed-my-mind-on) look at the church.

The church has now been sold to a private individual and it’s unclear what the future holds for the building. It remains a significant local landmark – and amazing space.

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