July 2019 in photos

Yet again I’ve got very behind on these photos: I’m actually writing this early on a dark Sunday morning in Cornwall, on October 25th 2020 (what else am I going to do with my extra hour, eh?) So, although the photos are legitimately from July 2019, the notes are “July 2019 + the fug created by over a year passing”. Disclaimer over…off we go!

Fundamentally, this month I wasn’t in Katrine Bank much. So I don’t have many photos of Katrine Bank! I found myself in the Lake District seeing a friend, I was down in Birmingham at an epic NO HANDS Massage Association Gather and I’m sure other things happened too – so although not very Galloway, these photos give a flavour of the month!

Charlie Brown in The Sanctuary
The month started with a Smartphone Photography workshop with local (to Morecambe) photographer, Ginny Koppenhol. Nothing like lying on the floor playing with a Charlie Brown figurine 🙂
Morecambe Beach
I believe this was an accidental of Morecambe beach from the Prom – but there’s something about the lines of colour that I really like
Morecambe beach
I never did find out what was written next to the stick in the sand, but it really caught my attention
Still life
Back in Borgue! Some lichen and sweet pea flowers which ended up on my office mantle piece. Just needed capturing…
I managed to clear out a bunch of stuff which involved taking photos of it and offering it out to the world. These mobility aids came out of the bathroom…and have yet to be rehoused (get in touch if you’d like ’em!)
When we moved in, a friend from Morecambe gave us an old rotivator. We never quite got it to work – but made someone very happy who took it off our hands and wanted to get it going again
Ah, our very first lawn mower at Katrine Bank.
Lawn mower
Complete with high tech bodge to keep it running! This mower was given to us by The Best Postie In the World Ever (who also goes by the name of Dougie). I was sickling some of the long grass next to our washing line early on and he offered us a mower. For nothing. Absolutely free. What a soul! Now, as you’ll see it was a mower with “character”: along with the string to keep it running, the starter motor required you to wrap the pull cord around it and hope it’d take on the first pull…otherwise you’d be rewinding it again, the drive mechanism was pretty much gone and it was a HEAAAAVY beast, but it was great. It got rehomed for parts, I believe, but it, and Dougie, will always have a very special place in my heart
The Lakes
Meeting a friend in the Lakes, we found ourselves encased in woods having climbed a steep slope. It was lush
And THEN we found a gorgeous little baby bird! Owl? Um, well, definitely bird: perhaps my Dad will enlighten me…
Planting willow
Finally, back at Katrine Bank I gave some attention to the willow a friend had given me earlier in the year. It was generally doing OK and continues to!

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