January 2020 in photos

This was the month I thought I was going to buy a church. This was the month I knew it was time to give up a local part-time job I’d taken on to focus on my primary job. This was the month of great promise before the year ahead. Ha!

This is a slightly unusual view – because it’s from the top of Borgue church’s tower! I was seriously considering purchasing the church (decided against in the end, but that’s another story) and so had the opportunity to go up to the top of the tower and survey the surrounds. Stunning.
The shelter belt continues to go great guns – it’s effectively turning into a 4-5m thick hedge here. Hurrah!
The “sticks” in the foreground are actually a willow screen – which is still very much alive, despite the stick-like look of them
I believe this little bulb is emerging as part of my bulb labyrinth in The Field. Ah, my labyrinth: happiness in bulb form!
You know it’s winter when the shadows are long…and the brassicas stripped bare by the deer…
And what better as a symbol of hope than the early snowdrops

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