October 2021 in photos

It was in and around this month that various rather significant changes in my life got set in motion. It was also a very busy month – hither and thither while also snatching time to enjoy the gloriousness that I call Home. Lucky me.

This is one of my favourite photos from the year. On the left is Johan, the brother of the wife of a good friend who now lives in Australia (and ALL the humans in that chain I’ve just mentioned are now good friends) and on the right is Steve, another excellent human who I’ve only recently reconnected with. Good humans. Having good times. Together. Huzzah

The month started with a trip to the Far East – no, not internationally, but Suffolk. I’m generally a North, South, West but not East type so this was quite an adventure for me. Along with a dear friend I attended a powerful and beautifully run Family Constellations workshop. Led by Enid Welford and hosted at the stunning Mill House by Giles Barrow this was much needed.


October was the month I made the “leaving Alexandra Road behind me” phase real – by emptying out my attic room. Very much the end of an era

And then – well, Borgue, Katrine Bank & the sea 🙂

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