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The Porcupine Story 1

One of the funny things about this story is that I’m convinced I first heard it on a NO HANDS Massage course, but Gerry (Pyves – founder of NO HANDS) swears blind that he first heard this story from me. Point being, if you’ve heard this story before or know its origins, please let me […]

Less is More. So. Much. More. 1

I’ve been utterly spoiled when it comes to Massage. After a brief dalliance with classic Swedish Massage, I got injured, found NO HANDS and never looked back. Which means I’ve also received hundreds, if not thousands, of exquisite NO HANDS treatments, both on courses and as a client. That said, I remain curious as to […]

June 2020 in photos

Somehow the end of May & beginning of June got busy with things (not sure what! Possibly sunstroke…) but the garden continued to do it’s thing… Not too many photos from the rest of the land, either – the roses from Lancaster were doing really rather well although it seems I didn’t snap many of […]

April 2020 in photos

Turns out I took a LOT of photos in April – which in no small part was courtesy of lockdown meaning I was at Katrine Bank significantly more than I’d anticipated. I’ve slimmed down the selection – a bit – but be warned, there’s still quite a few! Because, oh my: that sunshine! Where to […]

January 2020 in photos

This was the month I thought I was going to buy a church. This was the month I knew it was time to give up a local part-time job I’d taken on to focus on my primary job. This was the month of great promise before the year ahead. Ha!