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August 2021 in photos

Much more a return to the traditional “lots of shots of the land from various angles – which I may or may not give context to!” post this month, with some Morecambe flavour as an added bonus. There was some utterly gorgeous late-summer light this month, too.

May 2021 in photos

In May I made it back up to Galloway for the first time in 5 months – just for a brief visit but it was the start of the move back. Mainly: more Morecambe!

April 2021 in photos

Sometimes I think I should apologise for including so many sunsets / seascapes. Then I decide not to: because I love them and I think they’re gorgeous. Plus, they lift my soul. So, now that’s out the way: April! Still some lockdown, but starting to ease

December 2020 in photos

These monthly photo posts were originally intended to document progress at the house. However the past year has been, well, the past year and I’m enjoying keeping them as a more general “these are photos I’ve snapped this month in my adventures in life”. So there’ll still be a large chunk about the house and […]