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Borgue Church in photos

Once upon a time, in a world when the Covid-19 pandemic hadn’t yet reached its height, I almost bought Borgue Church. As it happens, Covid saved me from said purchase. (Please understand, I’ve loved the idea of owning a church since I was a young ‘un. However, having got this close to buying one, I […]

August 2021 in photos

Much more a return to the traditional “lots of shots of the land from various angles – which I may or may not give context to!” post this month, with some Morecambe flavour as an added bonus. There was some utterly gorgeous late-summer light this month, too.

December 2020 in photos

These monthly photo posts were originally intended to document progress at the house. However the past year has been, well, the past year and I’m enjoying keeping them as a more general “these are photos I’ve snapped this month in my adventures in life”. So there’ll still be a large chunk about the house and […]

June 2020 in photos

Somehow the end of May & beginning of June got busy with things (not sure what! Possibly sunstroke…) but the garden continued to do it’s thing… Not too many photos from the rest of the land, either – the roses from Lancaster were doing really rather well although it seems I didn’t snap many of […]