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Now that I’ve got LOTS more space to grow things, growing has started with a vengeance. Or just lots of enthusiasm – however you like to look at it. Although I like the idea of a garden diary I’m not quite there yet with it so this will just have to do for now…   […]

Latest musings from my Adventures in Growing

Slow and steady definitely seems to be the name of the game when it comes to me and growing. I’ve gone through phases (in the past 18 months or so) of having grand plans for grand designs, but they’ve never quite come off. And I think now I’m really beginning to understand why. This spring […]

Gardening geekery

So, I’m just back from an utterly immense holiday (which I’m still getting my head around – including my final week in a veritable Cornish luscious paradise of wonderment) and have a list of delightful things to get stuck into but first on the list was: give my poor neglected plants some love!   My […]

Lessons from my composter

I didn’t anticipate just how much I would learn, and I mean really learn not just “know in an academic way”, when I lifted the black plastic tardis from my compost pile. But learn I did when the deed was done yesterday evening… This is a pile of vegetable matter that has been accumulating for […]