If Daffodils (or should that be Daddodils?) Aren’t Your Thing: Stop Reading…now!

Once upon a time my Mum asked me to buy her some daffodil bulbs for her birthday. As a true child of the internet age I started looking around for online daffodil bulb options which I could have delivered direct to her…and stumbled upon someone selling daffodil bulbs By. The. SACK. Well, of course, this was an excellent idea! The fact that my D-O-D (Dear Old Dad – not so much of the old!) was initially convinced – and bemused to boot – that someone had sent them a sack of potatoes only added to the joy.


The thing none of us had realised about this quantity of daffodil bulbs was the sheer effort required to get them all safely nestled in the ground. I’d love to say I merrily spent a week solidly planting the little delights but the truth is that between them, my Mum & Dad got every one of those bulbs in the ground that autumn. Makes me realise where I get my perseverance from! And since then, every Spring my Dad has been furnishing me with my own personal long-distance Daffodil watch, replete with photos and flower-counts. Admittedly the daffodils have now been in so long that it’s now more of a “and the first one’s out!” followed by “there’s bloomin’ loads! *ba-dum tish*” but all the same, parental-daffodil photos have very much become one of my Spring rituals.


This year something very exciting happened. I got my own daffodils. Eeee! And have been meaning to send some daffodil photos in the opposite direction but have been rather overwhelmed by the job in hand – it turns out, my daffodils are everywhere. And when I say “my”, I mean the daffodils I get to share with the lovely Chris & Solli. After a bout of the nasty cold that’s been going around and then a bit of getting-back-to-every-day-life overwhelm, today the sun came out and Solli and I went out for a daffodil photo shoot. At which point I’m going to let the images do the talking and just say…I feel SO LUCKY!

IMG_6459 IMG_6458IMG_6456IMG_6455IMG_6454IMG_6453IMG_6451IMG_6450IMG_6449IMG_6448IMG_6447IMG_6446IMG_6445IMG_6444IMG_6441IMG_6439IMG_6437IMG_6436IMG_6435IMG_6433IMG_6432IMG_6431IMG_6430IMG_6429IMG_6427IMG_6426IMG_6425IMG_6423IMG_6424IMG_6422IMG_6421IMG_6420IMG_6419IMG_6418IMG_6417IMG_6415IMG_6413IMG_6412IMG_6410IMG_6409IMG_6407IMG_6405IMG_6402IMG_6401IMG_6400IMG_6398IMG_6397IMG_6390


Got this far? Well done! By my reckoning there are at least 10 different types of daffodil and counting…amazing!

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