October 2016 in photos

I’m acutely aware it’s almost the end of November and October’sĀ installment was still languishing incomplete. So, today is the day I deal with that. Off we go…

So, lots of things happened in October but one thing that was common throughout the month was the fact that we’d definitely hit autumn, the leaves were turning and I was enchanted by the many different trees we enjoy in our garden and how they all look a bit different in different lights…


Took me a while to remember exactly where I took this, but it’s the cherry trees just outside the front door


Alas, we don’t have a polytunnel yet (that’s our neighbours’)

img_7074img_7076img_7077img_7089img_7088img_7092img_7091img_7094img_7093img_7097 img_7095



Our lovely big beeches looking up towards the village along our track


The horse chestnuts, seen from the house


The lovely lovely oak tree which is at the corner of the grassy knoll and a favourite sitting spot (at least it was before it got so cold!)


The beech trees up the bank to the west – they’re particularly tall and slim due to pruning to avoid the electricity cable that passes between them


View up the track – I’m capturing this as one of the “how it changes through the year” views but note also the lack of mossy-grassy-ness in the middle…more on that later!


I was just really enjoying the sunlight on this one – this is the track leading to our house, in front of our neighbours in Kirkbank


Looking down the bank towards the east – glorious, glorious sunshine!


Up the bank (westwards)


I love trees…


We also had more work on the dormer – it wasn’t quite finished in October, but the sides were put on (and, more importantly, the soakers were done and then we had the roof fibre-glassed.


The fibre glass going on...

The fibre glass going on…


…and inside the insulation was starting to get cut down and fitted in. Good job we’ve got 2 super-duper dust masks these days…


Jason, as ever, was not amused

img_6973 img_6974

That said, we still have a bit of insulation left to go...

That said, we still have a bit of insulation left to go…



One of the big excitements of the month (which coincided with various other tradies being on site – it was a busy day!) was the felling of the big dead elm at one of the northerly edges of our land (the north east bit of our “horseshoe”). An old acquaintance of Chris’ came to do the job (and an excellent job it was too) – lots of excitement as branches fell to earth and split into a bajillion fragments. That’s what comes of felling a very old and very rotten tree – but we have a sizeable chunk of wood that now needs processing (double edged sword, that one!) and one piece of trunk which may be plank-worthy…


Chris getting involved – he does a fair amount of tree work himself but we particularly wanted someone with insurance to do this one as it was rather close to the telephone wire that serves both us and our neighbours…


Although it’s good to have it down, the skeleton of this old dead elm against a brilliant autumnal blue sky was gorgeous


Before the felling got started – the tree in question is the one in the background. The foreground tree is a lovely beech which is very much still standing and thriving

img_7049 img_7044 img_7039 img_7038 img_7037 img_7034 img_7025img_7026img_7031img_7035img_7042img_7046img_7051





How cats have duels…they were there a good little while


Just under the camellia bush by our back door – not quite sure how plants will fare here but with a few fox gloves from the mass of perennial plugs I got at the beginning of the year to go out, I thought I’d give it a whirl


More perennial potting on – this time the echinaceas with one of the (many!) little fuschia bushes as a centre piece


More of the perennials finding homes outside – in this case, in the bed outside the front door


The patch of land above the stone sheds has been an ongoing project for me. Not an urgent project – but one that I’ve taken a shine to. I particularly enjoy it as a spot to sit and survey from and so I decided that I’d move some of the everywhere-but-not-exactly-where-we-want-them rhodies up there, along with some *more* fuschia plants that came to light in the “garden dumping ground” area. And with all the brambles out of the way, getting on with planting seemed like a good idea.


There are a lot of old broken slates up there from when we think the roof was replaced (from slate to tin) – and I decided to use them as indicators of where I’d put some of the little fuschias. I had a system involving F for fuschia and “+” for “I’ve stuck a bunch of bulbs in here too” but the real test will be to see what emerges next year


Spot the fuschia locations…


A photo update wouldn’t be a photo update without a pile of wood part way through being processed. Rest assured there were plenty of photos that didn’t make it into this post of OTHER stacks of wood waiting to get processed!




Another job that got done was a friendly local joiner coming to replace our front door frame. I don’t have any close ups of “before” but rest assured, “after” is a huge improvement…

img_6977 img_6976




Towards the end of the summer “Behind the greenhouse” became a favourite hammock spot – a great way to enjoy the last of the warmth of the sun as we moved into autumn


We were really pleased with our crop of apples and will have plenty to get us into the winter with. Yum yum yum.

And then there are just some shots of around the garden and some rather lovely sunsets…img_6957 img_6956 img_6958 img_6989




Looking up our bank, the church is just off to the right


New car! Neither of us quite believed it belonged to us for a while…


Of the tens of lavender plugs I got at the beginning of the season, about half have really put on growth – and the other half are just pootling along and being fairly small. Was lovely to get a crop of lavender in, tho’


A trip to Threave Garden, a local National Trust property, netted us a bunch of end-of-season plants that were being sold off rather cheap. And resulted in our herb tub (while we are still planning the garden itself these large tubs are rather handy


Did I mention I spent a chunk of time scraping the moss and grass off the drive…

img_6992 img_6991img_7063img_7064 img_7008 img_7007 img_7011 img_7013

And now you’ve made it to the end, a couple of evening sunshine shots, looking south towards the sea


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