December 2016 in photos

I was away for most of December seeing friends and family “down south” (which, geographically, is quite a large area from Galloway, but in this case refers to “south of Birmingham”) so only a handful of shots of housey stuff. And, actually, I managed to forget to take any photos in December – but these are “representative of what actually happened in December”. As it were.


Inspired by the many homes in the South I saw on my travels, I decided to throw caution to the wind and start getting some of my lovely cards, posters and memories up on the wall of my office


I’m not particularly a Christmassy person, but with a pile of holly in the house, and some Christmas bunting given by Chris’ Mum, it seemed appropriate to give the hallway pictures “holly antlers”. What else would I use it for?


The Christmas tree! Struggled to get a more natural-looking shot of it, and totally failed to get one with the presents under the tree, but it was a friendly addition to our sitting room – aka “The Library”


And what would a December post be without a Christmas cactus? This is one Chris has been nurturing for many years and the display of flowers this year is just STUNNING

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