Important Things of Note

Today I was complimented on…my rear bike tyre. Unexpected, but had a nice bit of banter with the guy who gave the compliment. I’d been at training all day and had retreated to the pub with some friends (who were also in my start group at this firm). When we’d arrived it hadn’t been too busy, so I’d leaned my bike in a convenient spot. (For clarity, this bike is Billomena the racer.) As the evening progressed Billomena became a leaning spot for two folk who were chatting having failed to get a table (which we did have) and as I went to retrieve my bike Man Of The Compliment told me I had a very nice rear bike tyre (the front one being very perished) and said he’d have taken the tyre and left the bike. We had a bit of banter about that (and I thanked him for not taking either the tyre OR the bike) and then I went on my merry way. I *do* like cycling in London.


Other highlights of the week include my various stints at Sci-Fi-London which look set to continue over the weekend. I really really need lots of sleep but instead I’m planning on probably around 36 hours awake straight. Hmm. Interesting way of dealing with the world. But I’ve got a massage swap with a friend tomorrow morning which should be ga-lovely. Mmmmm….lovely!

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