Monthly Archives: May 2014

Go to Lundy Island. It’s ACE.

Today I learnt an important lesson that I’m going to share with you: A day trip to Lundy Island is, quite simply, Not Enough. I’ve had an amazing day only tainted by the brevity of my stay and the desire simply to stay on the island. A desire that was curtailed by the practicalities of […]

The water I’d anticipated. The fire I had not.

Before any alarm is caused, although there was fire, no-one was harmed and it didn’t spread. Thankfully! Saturday morning, May 31st. One of the great things about my “rescheduling” is that, more than any other holiday, the shape of each day at the moment is pretty much unforeseen. I have an idea of what might […]

The Art of Slowing Down

  Today I find myself practising (and hopefully practicing!) the Art of Slow. Slow is not my natural default setting (by a million miles) and yet I’m currently finding it one of the most rewarding and enlightening places to be. My sense is that the general expectation of society these days is that fast is […]

Luscious nature

Today I was astounded by the lusciousness of nature. I’d like to think I’m generally fairly in touch with how awesome nature is but on the basis of today I may have to throw that misconception out of the window. Because. Really. Nature is AWESOME. My astoundedness came about while in a 20 year old […]