Yearly Archives: 2015

The cost of a car

Well, specifically, the cost of my car. Not the ecological cost, or the social cost, or even the purchase price – but the ongoing cost of running a car.   I’ve been able to drive since I was 17 and have always valued the skill but it was only 3 years ago that I decided […]

Vegan Cake Recipes

Having looked for this earlier today and failed to find it, thought I’d repost so I could track it down (and add to it!) more easily…(originally posted October 2013) A friend asked today if I had any good cake recipes – and the answer was… “Yes! But I’m not quite sure where…” So the idea […]

Labyrinths (1)

And so I found myself in the glorious morning sunshine on Morecambe’s West End beach with the sand stretching out far into the distance. Firm, cool and damp, today was a day for creating a labyrinth on the sand.   I’ve had a loose interest in labyrinths for the past couple of years but it […]

From Peaceful Endeavours

Lynton. Wonderful.

Lynton & Lynmouth have been a part of my geographical vocabulary since I was very young, courtesy of family connections with the area (to the North Cliff hotel), however this week was the first time I visited for any length of time under my own steam in my adult life. And what an absolute pleasure […]

Why leave the country?

A few days ago I found myself in conversation with someone in a call centre and somehow the subject of jetting off on holiday came up. He seemed utterly stumped by my response to his intimation that holidays always took place abroad – that I actually really loved staying in the UK. I would have […]