Why leave the country?

A few days ago I found myself in conversation with someone in a call centre and somehow the subject of jetting off on holiday came up. He seemed utterly stumped by my response to his intimation that holidays always took place abroad – that I actually really loved staying in the UK. I would have stood by that position anyway, but today is an absolute case in point.

Having started from the glories of Morecambe, my holiday has already taken in visits to three friends (and the meeting of a new one), so much sunshine I gave myself mild sunstroke and mile upon mile of glorious countryside which I have barely really absorbed, there being simply so much of it. I find myself sitting in the grounds of an extensive National Trust place (Dunster Castle: Wow. More later) with a gentle breeze rustling the trees, various others enjoying the sunshine and the promise of a bed at a little place in Lynton for the night. This, my friends, is how I like to holiday.

[Particularly sweet is the knowledge that I avoided up to 6 hour delays on the M6 yesterday by detouring to the first of the three friends and enjoying several hours of sitting on her sun deck, enjoying great food, even better company and a much appreciated siesta before meandering further south]

And Dunster Castle – goodness me. Having National Trust membership means I can simply turn up in places and know I can spend an hour or a day there – whatever I feel like on arrival. However, that approach sometimes means I arrive somewhere (like today) and realise there’s no WAY I’m going to be able to appreciate all that the place has to offer. But that’s what another day is for.

So today I simply meandered and had a brief taste of all that’s on offer. The water mill. The amazing keep garden. The views across the mediaeval village. The hugeness of the castle itself. The wonderous trees. The sunshine (oh, OK, that’s not always here but still). That in itself took the best part of 2 hours and leaves me pondering my next move: straight to tonight’s abode? Another stop along the way for some supper? Another option I’ve yet to stumble across? Whatever happens, I feel totally grateful for the freedom to enjoy my meandering holiday. Huzzah.

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