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December 2020 in photos

These monthly photo posts were originally intended to document progress at the house. However the past year has been, well, the past year and I’m enjoying keeping them as a more general “these are photos I’ve snapped this month in my adventures in life”. So there’ll still be a large chunk about the house and […]

October 2020 in photos

The journeying continued – Oxfordshire for birthday celebrations for my parents, London (more birthday celebrations – this time for a friend) and on down to Cornwall. Link to the Old Hardware Shop (of cheesecake fame below)

The Porcupine Story 1

One of the funny things about this story is that I’m convinced I first heard it on a NO HANDS Massage course, but Gerry (Pyves – founder of NO HANDS) swears blind that he first heard this story from me. Point being, if you’ve heard this story before or know its origins, please let me […]

Less is More. So. Much. More. 1

I’ve been utterly spoiled when it comes to Massage. After a brief dalliance with classic Swedish Massage, I got injured, found NO HANDS and never looked back. Which means I’ve also received hundreds, if not thousands, of exquisite NO HANDS treatments, both on courses and as a client. That said, I remain curious as to […]

The Circle of Support

It’s impossible to truly support someone who doesn’t want your help. And it’s impossible to be truly supported without first letting yourself fall into that support. That’s the funny thing about support. I know I love to support others – the privilege I feel that someone does trust me enough to “fall into” that support. That falling […]

Morecambe beach


And so, almost twelve hours since “arriving”, as flesh met earth I truly arrived. I landed. The feeling that had started as the Bay opened up ahead of me as I drove down this morning. The feeling that was so many emotions even thinking about listing them felt like it could never do the feeling as […]