The ONE action that will protect your Massage business in Covid Times

Through my work at the Gerry Pyves Academy I have the great privilege of supporting independent Massage therapists every day. One of the best things about Covid is that we now have a weekly call with these therapists where together we explore the issues people are up against – plus celebrate wins and commiserate the tough stuff. These calls are an absolute delight – but I digress…

From very early on these therapists had one thing on their mind: looking after their clients. Not looking after their bank balance. Looking after their clients. Checking in with them by phone. Sending newsletters to maintain connection. Exploring what therapy they could already offer remotely – and upskilling to be able to offer even more.

And doing everything they could do be safe and ready to get back to their vital therapeutic Touch work as soon as they could.

The amount of energy, consideration and care that went into this cannot be overstated. It was humbling: these therapists love what they do and they are totally committed to ensuring their clinic space is a safe haven – even in these incredibly tough times.

Because at the end of the day: if there’s no safety, there’s no therapy. Simple. End of. No way around it.

Safety = Space for Healing

No Safety = No Space for Healing

So imagine my shock over the past few weeks when not once, but several times I have arrived for a close contact service (not, I hasten to add, with a therapist from the Academy – but it has been for Massage or beauty treatments) to a therapist not wearing a mask.


Not wearing a mask. At all. We’re not talking over the mouth but not the nose. We’re not talking hanging around their neck but not on their face. We’re talking Not. At. All.

I was absolutely appalled. Aside from the fact that from September 24th this has become a legal requirement in England, this flagrant disregard for the health of their clients and their community, let alone their seeming ignorance of basic precautions for preventing infection was, well, astounding.

I will not be returning to these therapists. And I will be seriously surprised if they weather the post-lockdown / Covid new-normal storm and have a viable business at the end of it at all.

Alongside many other emotions, I found myself feeling really angry. Touch and Touch therapies have the potential to be immensely healing. I’ve dedicated the majority of my working life to learning, promoting, offering and supporting others in doing this work. After all, Touch is one of the most ancient healing therapies – and for a very good reason!

The latest neuroscience is now explaining exactly why certain types of Touch have such a massive healing impact on every level of a human – and yet here are professional peers of mine feeding the idea that our profession is filled with flaky, unthinking humans who believe they’re above looking after their community or abiding by the law of the land.

Some may say my reaction is extreme. Others less so! But seriously: if you want a Touch business (or any close contact business) by the end of 2020, let alone into 2021 and beyond, I’ve got one basic pointer for you:

Wear a flippin’ mask!

This blog was brought to you by Ranty McRantface…

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