Yearly Archives: 2019

November 2019 in pictures

This month I entirely failed to take any pictures of Katrine Bank. But I did take a photo of a very cool whale & baby whale ornament in a charity shop. See – unexpectedly brilliant post, eh?

October 2019 in photos

So, I’m creating this post on October 25th 20*20* – and thinking of all the harvesty things I’m not doing because I’m in Cornwall. And knowing that the harvesty things will be there other years and this is an EXCEPTIONAL year (and, let’s face it, Cornwall’s pretty ace too) but, like, aaaaaaaw!

July 2019 in photos

Yet again I’ve got very behind on these photos: I’m actually writing this early on a dark Sunday morning in Cornwall, on October 25th 2020 (what else am I going to do with my extra hour, eh?) So, although the photos are legitimately from July 2019, the notes are “July 2019 + the fug created […]

My Bookshelf

I have the great privilege of owning many books – and some of them are absolute corkers. This post is intended to capture my “top books”, much like Radio 4’s “Five Foot Shelf” and will expand, well, as and when I get to it.     Creating a Forest Garden, by Martin Crawford Forest gardening, or agroforestry, […]

The Circle of Support

It’s impossible to truly support someone who doesn’t want your help. And it’s impossible to be truly supported without first letting yourself fall into that support. That’s the funny thing about support. I know I love to support others – the privilege I feel that someone does trust me enough to “fall into” that support. That falling […]

Morecambe beach


And so, almost twelve hours since “arriving”, as flesh met earth I truly arrived. I landed. The feeling that had started as the Bay opened up ahead of me as I drove down this morning. The feeling that was so many emotions even thinking about listing them felt like it could never do the feeling as […]