Champagne & Chocolate! Woo!

Today has been a long and fruitful day. And actually, has been one of the more successful Valentine’s Days I’ve had for a while – and definitely one of the most fun!


So, it all started…at midnight! Somewhere back in the mists of time I thought it would be a great idea to scribe a Valentine’s poem. Which I did:


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Valentine’s Day’s fabulous

And so are you!


Buy in some choccies

Snuggle up in bed

Put on that DVD box-set

Or do something else instead!


If you’re single you’ve dreams of your prince(ss) to come

If you’re taken you’ve got lots of frollicks and fun

And if you’re between the two you may just net

An extra present or entire set!


So raise your glass

Bring in some good cheer

Here’s to good lovin’

And a fantabulous year!


My poetic prowess still intact (just remember, it may not have been particularly prowess-ful to start with) I shared this delightful ditty with a forum lots of my friends use. At a minute past midnight. And went to sleep.


Next up, I awoke to tune in to BBC Radio London (begad, internet-streamed live radio is fabulous) to hear a friend of mine do some profile raising (through the medium of a darned fine interview and paying the song he’d written a while back, Camden Cowboys, when the market was initially threatened with “development”) for the traders in Camden who’ve had their stalls destroyed and are clinging on by their finger nails. More info at


Trundling into work I was filled with the Valentine’s day joy and took great joy in greeting pretty much everyone I spoke to during the day with “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and being wished the same in return. A fairly quiet day was followed by an even quieter night in with my flatmate and another colleague – watching The Breakfast Club. Very VERY 80s. And that’s where the champagne and chocolates came in (and, indeed, the donuts & tortilla chips) although they’re both still awaiting consumption…I’m sure there will be other occasions.


And to wrap up, I had a brief chat on messenger to a friend and former colleague who, bless him, sent me a heart, quote, “just in case you did not get a valentines card” – I don’t know if that’s more fabulous because he sent it, or because the presumption was I’d had a card 😉


So that, was my Valentine’s Day, 2008. Pretty darned good, methinks. Oh, and pink toothpaste! WEIRD, but quite good (and very eucalyptusey). Bring on the weekend of many socialisings, and hopefully a little decorating!

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