Decadence for a Teetotal Vegan

Something about eating a sherbet fountain in bed having just had a free snowboarding lesson and driven myself back in a car while playing Muse very loud felt exceedingly decadent. Yum. On world scales of decadence it may not be way up there, but hey, I’m enjoying it.


Lots of interesting things recently. I bought a new kevlar reinforced tyre (and three inners! Woo! Woo even more that they were on 3 for 2) and fitted it. I learnt the basics of snowboarding. I fell in love with Morecambe (seriously, if you haven’t been – GO. It’s fabulous). I got a gorgeous wooden angel from a dear friend. I did some more massage. I resolved to do even more massage. I think I’ve got my first regular bunch of clients. I got carpets in my flat. I got my own bed for the aforementioned flat. I got dragged into the midst of system testing at work. I learnt what Smart Metering is and discovered there may actually be bits of work at my current company I could really enjoy. I went to various pubs in various cities and towns. I walked faster than traffic. All sorts of goodness, really, but right now none of it seems to have much substance to go with it. This, I suspect, is the error of my ways in not blogging more often. Or perhaps doing it when my head actually wishes it was on the pillow…

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