Yearly Archives: 2018

Oct 2018 in photos

  Wood sheds continue to be a big feature for this blog. October saw the consolidation of the two elm sheds into one (oh, the elm is such a lovely wood to burn – it’ll be a shame to see the end of it!) The initial consolidation and moving of the tin was done single-personed and later […]

The Library

I’m not a book worm. But I do enjoy books. And I especially enjoy books that really GRAB me. Sometimes they’re fiction. Sometimes non-fiction. And for some time I’ve wanted my own little reference of these wonderful books that have touched me – and this morning The Book Thief prompted me to start this, my virtual […]

September 2018 in photos

September started with two more WWOOFers – this time two women from Denmark. And, again, I totally failed to get photographic evidence of their existence. But they did some great work – shifting about half a wood-shed-worth of ash from the Old Veg Garden up to Wood Shed Land along with getting stuck in to washing, […]

Peace and Touch 1

When I was 13 I was hit by a wave of overwhelm – at the hurt and pain and “brokenness” of the world. The war, the famine, the greed, and the poverty. I was on a school trip at the time and I remember several nights crying myself to sleep. I’ll never forget the room […]

August 2018 in photos

…and the sun just kept on shining! We started to get a bit of rain to keep us going, but generally the incredible summer of 2018 continued. However…I rather failed on the taking photos front! We had a Swedish WWOOFer with us at the beginning of the month, Carin, who got lots done while she was […]

July 2018 in photos

July was Hot. And Sunny. And DRY. So a lot of watering went on. I confess I hid from the middle-of-the-day sun as I don’t do very well in the heat, but it really was lovely being able to pop out and get properly hot. Thankfully the dryness didn’t do too much damage to the […]

June 2018 in photos

I was away a lot in June again (bit of a theme for this summer) – and it seems the only thing that moved me to get outside taking photos were the flowers of the rhodies. So, well, here are some rhodies in flower! (Oh, and the pinky hawthorn…)

May 2018 in photos

So, April, May & June 2018 were all posted on the same day, July 19th, a drizzly day in July which was celebrated as my first proper rainy day anywhere in WEEKS. And it also happened to be the day after I planted out some leek seedlings meaning I’m even more delighted at the rain. Anyways, it’s […]

April 2018 in photos (just)

I confess, this is another “posted significantly later than the date, but set to the date for the purposes of chronology” posts. It’s been over a quarter of a year since I caught up on these photo journals but the joy of digital time stamps is my friend – which is ace. So on we […]

March 2018 in photos

March didn’t quite know what it was doing with itself. It was beginning to warm up but we had a colder start than previous years and so it took the daffodils considerably longer to emerge. I also spent a fair chunk of time away in Morecambe (and further afield) but there’s still progress to report…   […]